as tiffany answers the interview in english…
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bow down to queen soojung.
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I get tired of people downplaying her acting ability. I’m not claiming that Yoona is the best actress out there but to show improvement with each drama you’re cast in, is not something that most actors/actresses do. The fact that she even puts effort into trying to improve should be appreciated. You don’t have to like her, her dramas or her acting but you shouldn’t discredit someone who puts effort into what they do. Just because PM&I didn’t achieve the greatest ratings, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a quality drama. I mean, if you gave the drama a try but genuinely didn’t like it, that’s fine but to those of you who want to dislike something because Yoona is in it and that it’s a “SM drama” is sad. SM stepped up their game with this one although the ending wasn’t in everyone’s favor, it was still a good drama. The chemistry was amazing, the cast did a great job and the drama itself is worth a try, I would recommend it.

I’m very thankful to my fellow S♡NE’s, YoonAddicts and non-fans that humbly support her.

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airport fashion maomao style

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when wendy nominates herself…to sing a duet with herself…

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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Chanyeol in EXO's 1st official photobook, Die Jungs BTS

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Welcome to my FOURTH follow forever. You can probably tell, but I really like making follow forever’s. I like showing my appreciation for the people who give me the material that I post. I like telling them I love them. We are joined here today in holy matrimony, I mean what? to celebrate me reaching 3,000 followers! This is huge for me. I said to a really good friend earlier, the most people that ever liked me was 0. No joke. So three thousand people actually liking my blog and me, that’s huge. I cried. Now a lot of you probably followed me for my give-away(s) etc, and stayed for some reason or other. Others may have just liked my blog in the first place. And since I’ve unofficially become more of a photography blog, than a k-pop blog, people have followed me because of that too. Either way, there are literally no words to explain how grateful I am. If I could express my gratitude to every single one of my followers individually, and just told you all how amazing and beautiful and lovely you are, I so would. I would do it fifteen thousand times over.

I would also dearly like to express my gratitude, fifteen thousand times over, to all my mutuals and just the people I follow in general. You guys have been so amazing, putting up with me, being friends with me, talking to me, allowing me to reblog every single one of your posts non-stop 24/7. I could kiss all of your faces, I really could. I just cannot explain how blessed I feel when it comes to you guys. I’m pretty much a loner in real life, so coming on here and having you guys there is a huge comfort. But before I ramble on forever about how much I love everyone on tumblr, let’s get on with the follow forever.

A lot of you will know me as sovvons previously. I also run side blogs such as rookies-, jungsooyeons (not very active here sorry), joorene (activity to be picked up soon) and I’m an admin on snsdnetwork. Bolded are friends (hopefully the feeling is mutual). Italic are faves. * have a message.

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I think that’s it for now, if I’ve forgot someone, you’re on my blogroll which means I still adore your blog; I’m just too tired to remember to add it in.

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