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20/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; kim dasom.

"i receive a lot of care and love from the other sistar members. they support me, advise me and lead me. they are my unnies and at the same time, they are my life teachers. of course, since i am the youngest, my turn comes after the rest of the members; but other than that, i am happy. hyorin unnie, soyu unnie and bora unnie! i love you!" -dasom

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track: 내가 네게 (Whisper)

producer: Girls' Generation-TTS (소녀시대-태티서)
played: 36,596 times
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Howdy guys!!! ‘Tis time again to acknowledge all the awesome blogs i’ve been following and ofc all my followers. I reached once again one of my goals/milestone in tumblr so yeah. Ive been quite busy the past few weeks bc (ugh) college. But i have quite some time after midterms so I decided to make this during my break. Tumblr has been one of my biggest stress relievers from my studies so im rly happy to make this. But enough of that, here are a few of my most loved blogs and here's my blogroll for my complete following list. :)))

astrospace rookies- beautifulgeneration buttaerfly milkyfany baekyoons soehyun telepany taengay taesunamo seo-mate beautifulvelvet 0-fivethirty wu-fan wvfn sicats younas joohyun-s hyoyeon monoka jesseseo ruby-sica ninthwish m-iyoung la-rosa-del-sur imyoonas jaekyng yurioppa toldyouseo taenypush seoguma naerong barbstar ibleedpastelpink icepearls februarythirty girl-groups hyotaeism bhcys pilsuks yosics ninepearls blindlyfooled cngeneration tohososhi whimsicalchild sonyuhs tiffanytiamo florensic therunningdevil taejumma

this is way shorter than my previous lists and im so sorry to those whom I forgot but please know that I still love you guys :D

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"Three simple rules in life. 1. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it. 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place."

— (via nyu-tah)
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Zodiac Fears Aries - separation/detachment
Taurus - change
Gemini - being alone
Cancer - feeling unloved
Leo - being ignored
Virgo - disorder
Libra - anything extremely unbalanced/making a wrong decision that'll destroy their life
Scorpio - failure and inadequacy
Sagittarius - being controlled
Capricorn - being misunderstood and not being good enough
Aquarius - being locked in
Pisces - upsetting others and rejection
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89/  of Jessica Jung

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Reblog if no matter if you have 50,000 or 50 followers, you appreciate every single one. Reblog if you appreciate the messages you get, whether it’s 100 or 1. Reblog if a little smile comes across your face everytime you see a new follower or message. Reblog if even though most of us aren’t tumblr famous, we appreciate the little things.

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